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Christmas shopping? Let us help.

We know how to pick the perfect piece of jewellery for that special someone this Christmas.

Jewellery is a such a gorgeous gift and it’s easier than you think to pick something that will be loved if you know how.

So here’s the thing – you just need to work out what kind of jewellery your special person likes.
You might already have a great idea of the kinds of things this person normally wears, that’s awesome, you pretty much start browsing and shopping now.
So head over to the New Arrivals, it’s a great place to start your online Christmas shopping.

But if you’re really not sure of the designs or style of jewellery your your special person likes, you can take special notice of the colour and designs of what they’re wearing next time you see them.
Notice if they wear chunky or delicate minimalist jewellery, do they layer and style their jewellery all together wearing lots of pieces all at once.or do they wear one or two simple classic statement jewellery pieces? These are all great ways to know what to look for if you are bingo a gift of jewellery and you want it to be a surprise.
Following that, nothing beats a bit of Facebook or Instagram stalking to see what they love to wear for all those selfies and lifestyle photos.
Failing all this great advice and all else fails, maybe just ask them what they like.
Anyhow, happy shopping and please don’t forget that we offer beautiful free gift wrapping on all orders and when you are checking out please remember to add your free gift offer when you are prompted.

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