How to successfully shop for Jewellery online!

How to successfully shop for Jewellery online!

Shopping for jewellery online is easy!

Here’s How

Look for clear photo’s!

A well photographed picture should give great clear detail.
Look for a descriptive and detailed review!

Read the description: a well described item should give you a precise idea of the size, shape, color and so on.
Nobody wants to find when they open their much awaited parcel the jewellery is nothing like they thought it would be.
All measurements should be accurate to the millimetre!
Photos are a great way to see the jewellery up close but until you read the measurements and compare them on a ruler it is often hard to imagine just how big the item actually is.
Compare and understand descriptive details: diameter:
how wide an item is across,
length: how long an item is,
height: how tall an item is,
color: the actual real life color as many computer screens do show shades of difference in color,
metal: solid gold, sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, gold plated, silver plated,
genuine: is it a genuine product or an imitation or manmade version.

Shopping for jewellery for friends and all the family is easy when you know size.
Always measure with a ribbon or string around the neck/necklace, wrist/bracelet, ankle/anklet for each person you are shopping for as the size can differ a lot.
For example: A necklace for a man will generally be 50cm up to 70cm, for a teenager or woman the size will generally be 45cm up to 50cm and for children 40cm up to 50cm

A qualified jeweller can manufacture, repair and shorten jewellery using professional solder.

Buying charm bracelets with open jump rings for babies and children just is not safe as babies put everything into their little mouths.
All charms should be professionally soldered to your bracelet for a safe and secure fit.
For example: all our charms are professionally soldered making them safe and secure and we are very happy to design, manufacture, adjust and resize special requests for babies, children, teenagers and adults in every size.

Ask for help if you are not sure about what you are looking at!

We will always respond promptly to your questions and will always be happier to know you are buying exactly what you actually want!

It is a Win, Win situation when our customer is very happy with their purchase and will return to buy more jewellery and we have fulfilled our desire to sell our jewellery products knowing it is exactly what our customer is looking for and will look forward to the customer returning to our store again!

Be sure to your order has a secure postage option.

You want to know the item is insured and will be guaranteed delivery.
Be familiar with postage costs so you can see if a seller is reasonable with postage costs.
A courier service (eParcel) or registered post are the best options for jewellery as signature is required for delivery and there is always delivery proof available from Australia Post for tracing an item that has not arrived.
We will always follow up a missing parcel for you!

We will give you good old fashion service, fine quality jewellery, great value for money and those little extra trimmings like free gift boxes and free gift wrapping, Jewellery for gift giving is gorgeous when presented as we do!

We pride ourselves for putting personal service back into Shopping online!

New products are always under design and manufacturing in our workshop.
With some really lovely gift ideas for the all ages there is certainly something for everyone!
Cute, Sweet, Enchanting, Romantic and simply Stunning Jewellery for all ages.

Thank You for shopping with us at The Jewel Shop