Infinity Symbol Jewellery

Infinity jewellery can symbolise unity, eternity, empowerment or everlasting never ending infinite love.
It’s a beautiful design of an endless everlasting loop; it symbolises time looping back and endlessly over itself, male and female, solar (sun) and lunar (moon), representative of sexual union and sacred marriage.

With the tarot it is connected to magic and symbolises an equilibrium or a balance in different forces.

A piece of jewellery made with an infinity design or pattern is a wonderful gift for a family member, special friend or loved one to represent an endless, forever caring.

These designs make a great gift for a holiday, birthday, Mothers day or just to tell someone you love them.

They bear special meaning for lovers and close friends symbolising an eternal never ending love.

We have designed and handmade some very special pieces for this collection.
These designs are available in 9ct Yellow Gold and 9ct Rose Gold.