Sleeper Earring Size Guide

When buying a pair of sleeper earrings you want to know you are buying the size you want!

Sleeper earrings come in a wide variety of sizes and designs
When buying check the measurements, compare them on a ruler and if you are still not sure “Ask” as many questions as you need just to make sure
Most sleepers are made in 1mm wire thickness = 18 gauge wire
When we measure our sleeper earrings we measure the Inside Diameter

For example
Inside diameter is the inside hoop measurement from inside the hoop from one side to the other
Outside Diameter is the complete measurement of outside the hoop from one side to the other including the width of the hoop

8mm Inside Diameter = 10mm Outside Diameter
10mm Inside Diameter = 12mm Outside Diameter
12mm Inside Diameter = 14mm Outside Diameter
14mm Inside Diameter = 16mm Outside Diameter
16mm Inside Diameter = 18mm Outside Diameter
18mm Inside Diameter = 20mm Outside Diameter
20mm Inside Diameter = 22mm Outside Diameter
23mm Inside Diameter = 25mm Outside Diameter