How to decide on Oxidised Black text or Natural

How to decide on Oxidised Black text or Natural text font for your personalised jewellery.

If you are not sure about having your text blackened we always recommend leaving it natural; you can always return the pendant to have it oxidised black if required whereas the black cannot be removed to make it natural in colour.
When deciding on natural colour or oxidised black it can be a difficult decision if you are not completely sure so we have added a photo of customer orders we have done to give you a good idea of the two options.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us; we are very happy to help!

We can professionally oxidize (blacken) each letter to colour and bold the design of you personalised jewellery.
The natural colour of the gold or silver is also a very popular finish.
If you prefer your pendant to be left as natural gold or sterling silver in colour please add a note when checking out.