Love Britty Jewellery Collection

The Love Britty Brand with it’s much loved signature designs has two feature collections for all those exploring the world and on adventures of the heart and soul.

  • Jewellery for the journey; For all the gypsies, wanderers of the heart and for all those who travel.
  • Happiest by the Ocean for all those lovely beach loving babes.

    ENJOY! because these collections are made just for you…..

This collection was inspired by my beautiful niece Britty who is “Happiest by the Ocean”.

The jewellery designs are a collaboration between Britty and I to capture the true beauty and wonder of the ocean.

From the guiding light of the light house to the edge of the sand where the waves meet the shore, the beach and ocean pulls our souls towards them. Why, i am not so sure but there is an alluring calm that extends from the sea gently pulling away everything else in that moment, leaving a soft and gentle sea breeze that we breathe in leaving a magical sense of calm within.

Our Jewellery for the Journey is a collection of beautiful designs to inspire the heart and soul to take flight, be free and breathe in all the wonders of life, love and dreams.