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Our comprehensive range of fine quality jewellery is designed and handmade made by Kath, our award winning designer jeweller or sourced from respected Australian jewellery trade wholesalers and manufacturers.
We are proud to offer this beautiful range of fashion, occasional and fine Jewellery for babies, children, teenagers, men and women.
We are able to manufacture special items and are very happy to discuss with you any special occasional or bridal and wedding Jewellery requests.
Kath is a trade qualified designer jeweller and qualified Professional Pearl threader.
We have our very own stock of beautiful freshwater pearls, perfectly romantic for all your debutante, bridal and wedding requirements.
Our bridal and wedding range will include flower girl, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and bombardier jewels and gift ideas.
We will supply you with fine quality jewellery at reasonable prices through our online store for a simple, direct and easy shopping experience.

Members of the Jewellers Association (JAA) are committed to quality, professionalism and value in accordance with their Code of Ethics. In addition, many support the Jewellery & Timepieces Industry Code which binds jewellers to fair trading practices, ethical competition and credible pricing.
So why not reward yourself, or someone special, with the purchase of jewellery from a JAA jeweller.

1st – First – Paper
2nd – Second – Cotton
3rd – Third – Leather
4th – Fourth – Fruit/Flowers
5th – Fifth – Wood
6th – Sixth – Candy/Iron
7th – Seventh – Wool/Copper
8th – Eighth – Bronze/Pottery
9th – Ninth – Pottery/Willow
10th – Tenth – Tin / Aluminum
11th – Eleventh – Steel
12th – Twelfth – Silk/Linen
13th – Thirteenth – Lace
14th – Fourteenth – Ivory
15th – Fifteenth – Crystal
20th – Twentieth – China
25th – Twenty-Fifth – Silver
30th – Thirtieth – Pearl
35th – Thirty-Fifth – Coral
40th – Fortieth – Ruby
45th – Forty-Fifth – Sapphire
50th – Fiftieth – Gold
55th – Fifty-fifth – Emerald
65th – diamond
70th – platinum
75th – diamond

First – Clocks
Second – China
Third – Crystal/Glass
Fourth – Appliances
Fifth – Silverware
Sixth – Candy/Iron
Seventh – Desk Sets
Eighth – Bronze/Pottery
Ninth – Linen/Lace
Tenth – Leather
Eleventh – Jewellery
Twelfth – Pearls
Thirteenth – Textiles/Furs
Fourteenth – Gold Jewellery
Fifteenth – Watches
Twentieth – Platinum
Twenty-Fifth – Silver
Thirtieth – Diamond
Thirty-Fifth – Jade
Fortieth – Ruby
Forty-Fifth – Sapphire
Fiftieth – Gold
Fifty-fifth – Emerald
Sixtieth – Diamond