My Little Angel Babylinks Collection

My Little Angel Babylinks Charm Bracelets

Everyone’s little angel deserves something special!
BABYLINKS is a sweet customizable bracelet that makes the perfect gift for your teeny-tiny loved one! .
Be it the birth of a new baby, a christening, a baptism, a baby shower or birthday, our bespoke charms and bracelets are a thoughtful way to welcome that special little person into our world, and remind them of how much you love them!
Mix and match from three sets of coloured letters to form a meaningful phrase a significant word, or a name, then choose from 15 sweetly themed charms, birthstone wheels and spacer blocks to make your bracelet truly unique.
Just spell it with love!
Our sweet bespoke charms and blocks make BABYLINKS a perfect memorable gift to welcome that special little person into this world.
Our stringent quality control department ensures that the jewellery is completely safe, so we can commit to the craftsmanship of our jewellery with a lifetime manufacturing guarantee*.