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When only a lovingly handcrafted piece of jewellery will do!

When you buy from The Jewel Shop, yes there is an actual person doing a little happy dance. Most of the time that person is “me” because i am always excited to see what you’ve bought and what we will be making for you.

Our hand crafted and handmade jewellery designs are actually made here in our very own jewellery making work shop by our very own master jeweller.
With over 30 years in the jewellery manufacturing industry our jewellery is made with tender loving care.
Every piece is genuinely handmade with you, our customer always front and centre in our mind as your jewellery comes to life.

From the minute your order is received until the moment we hand your lovely jewellery over to Australia Post for delivery we are your personal shopper and assistant, by making sure that every single customer has our full attention.
We believe that “if we don’t give you the best customer service; somebody else will” so from this small quote that i once read in the waiting room of a small diamond wholesaler in Melbourne many years ago came the pure and simple truth that has stuck in my mind over and over until it became forged as our store mantra which we apply to every single order and customer everyday.

I’d really love to encourage you to shop Australian and shop for genuine handmade jewellery as much as you can.
This would not only spreads the happy dancing around, but it will keep this boutique handcrafting jewellery business alive and flourishing.

Most importantly it helps us to continue to design and make beautiful and unique jewellery products ensuring that we’ll still be around when next you need a beautiful special gift for that next celebration or milestone when only a lovingly handcrafted piece of jewellery will do.

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