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Taking the road less travelled

The Jewel Shop custom made designs are magical, sentimental and every design has it’s own secret story evolving from heartfelt beginnings.

For over 30 years The Jewel Shop has taken the road less travelled, we don’t compete for the generic jewellery market and have taken our jewellery store on its own pathway, forming its own niche in designing, making and selling fine quality jewellery.
We believe this is why we have out shined ordinary jewellery stores who continue to sell the same generic designed and imported jewellery.
There have certainly been extensive and sometimes difficult roads to cross but with a single vision and determination we have never lost sight of the importance of customer satisfaction and value for money.
We are very proud to offer our beautiful custom and hand crafted jewellery while continuing to support the Australian Jewellery Industry.
We believe that this is why we have become a success in an ever-evolving jewellery industry.
When buying from The Jewel Shop our customers keep returning over and over, and possibly because they are buying from an actual manufacturing professional qualified jeweller and not just a business selling jewellery.
Kath the owner of The Jewel Shop has always kept her vision and motivation for creating the beautiful unique and high quality designer jewellery for every age and occasion ahead of the rest.
Each new jewellery design created has it’s own story of how it came to be and is then offered to those jewellery lovers who have been craving something different, something better and something that they are very happy to buy.
The Jewel Shop’s customers inspire Kath to create the new designs.
The significance of life, of love, memories, celebrations and sometimes even loss formed from stories, conversations, laughter and tears evolves into The Jewel Shop’s jewellery designs.
They are yours to love and cherish.
We are here to help them come to life.

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