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Charms & Traditional Sleeper Earrings

Sleepers and Charms, a match made in heaven.

We have all been wearing sleeper earrings for ever.
Sleeper Earrings or Sleepers as we all like to call them must be one of everyones must have essential jewellery products.
We all have a pair or two or three because they come in so many sizes they are an easy go to for everyday wear.

We were and probably still are the original sleepers with charms store to go to.
We first introduced our basic sleeper earring with gorgeous charms on them when we first went online way back in 2005. Since then many stores and jewellers have introduced and sometimes copied this little gem of ours, but that is perfectly okay with us because it is a great idea and let’s face it they look amazing on every age group.

The design options for sleeper earrings with charms is endless. There really is something to suit everyone and the best thing to keep in mind is you can put any charms you like on any size sleeper earring, creating your own unique design.

Now in 2017, we have the largest range available and we are continually adding new designs as requested by our very lovely customers.
As their children are growing up they are inspiring me to include designs for older children and young adults. Me myself, i am guilty of the sleepers and charm versions too. Why you may ask? Quite simply because they are comfortable and a new look is sometimes as easy as changing my charms to suit my outfit, my mood, my day and anything else that comes along. Sometimes i wear charms for luck, for comfort and even for reminding me of what’s important so that every time i catch a glance in the mirror, seeing my charms makes me reflect on the charms and the meaning behind each one that i chose to wear that day.

Which charms to choose? Put simply, anything you like. Our sleepers with charms have always been very, very popular. Our designs just to list a few, otherwise i might be still typing until Christmas are Bluebird of Happiness, Tree of Life, Hearts, Ankhs, Butterflies, Crosses, Flowers, Infinity, Ladybugs, Birthstones, Pearls, Dragonflies, and everything else you can think of we can do.
Baby and children’s sleeper earrings with charms are wonderful, safe and oh so cute. They make the perfect present. So you can not only give a safe and comfortable earring gift but a fun and lovely surprise one when they see the beautiful little baby and child size charms that you have chosen.

Our children’s and baby jewels range including the sleeper earring with charms have all been designed and made in sizes to suit babies, toddlers and children.

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