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Jewellery Layering

Jewellery layering is so on trend at the moment and it is looking like it’s going to stay for quite sometime.

When it comes to necklaces and bracelets the art of layering your jewellery is taking over instagram and social media.
We love the layering of jewellery and it can be done very tastefully with minimalist jewellery and big bold jewellery designs. Whatever your taste in jewellery design layering will bring new life to your older pieces with the simple addition of some newer creative on trend designs.

While we’re big fans of layering with our fashion, mixing and matching to create eye-catching looks and creative combinations showing our unique personalities, layering our earrings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces is shaking up the jewellery industry and the fashion savvy.

The latest trend in layering sleeper earrings, hoops, studs and dangles have been hotting up for months now and wearing multiples at once and more specifically, doubling or even tripling up is becoming the new look.

Wearing thread earrings that go in one piercing hole and out the next is not only a great idea and easy to do. It also looks fabulous!

Layering your hoop earring sizes from hole to hole also seems to be the latest celebrity trend right now.
Seen on all the fashion conscious lately, hoop earrings in all shapes, sizes and designs are everywhere.

This weeks jewellery fashion tip – by wearing one big hoop with a smaller one and mixing and matching different hoop designs and shapes creates a fantastic personal look.
Wearing double hoop earrings is like wearing the new black in jewellery accessorizing.

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