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Wisdom & Wonder by Nicole Fendel


Designed for the lovers, dreamers and thinkers.
With an all new range of engraved sentiments, these pieces will inspire the wearer and remind her to hold joy and love close to her heart.
Elegant and refined, Wisdom & Wonder envisions a modern woman on her journey to self-empowerment. Filled with the soft hammered & organic finishes you have come to love from Nicole Fendel, this collection places emphasises on the personal journey.
Featuring an even greater selection of gemstones in subtle but brilliant hues, these newly sourced natural stones have become a core element of Nicole Fendel style.
Adorning our latest collection of pendants and earrings, these gemstones have been selected for both their statement and their spiritual power.
Whether introspective and thoughtful, young and inquisitive, or sophisticated and independent, every woman will find her signature piece and cultivate her own personal sense of Wisdom & Wonder.

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